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The Maya vampire god Camazotz, probably the most brutal of all meseoamerican gods, is revered even to this day.
Truth being Camazotz was probably just a vile dictator, similar to Iulius Caeser (now incorrectly known as Julius Caesar), or Oliver Cromwell or Montecazohma (now incrorrectly known as Montezuma) or the real Vlad Dracula. But one who came before the Mayans developed their alphabet. Therefore Camazotz was kept recorded by word of mouth until the legends came that he was a vampire god.
Needless to say Camazotz is the real birth of vampiric legends. Sacrifices dedicated to Camazotz involved the person being tied down while their chest was opened and the priest then, while the persons heart still beat, proeeded to bend over the body and eat the heart. The europeans hadnt heard of Vampires until they encountered The Mayan legends.
Recently in the Belize capital of Belmopan a serial killer calling himself Camazotz stalked the streets but was captured.
Legend has it that Camazotz and his vile priests were exiled into the underworld by the sun god Chac and his followersand baniashed for a milenium.
The date given for Camazots banishing is 22 Dec 1012.
The Mayan calendar ends on 22 Dec 2012.
I suppose youve heard those ridiculous 2012 theories that the Aztecs and Maya subscribed to.
But due to the fear the people iof MeseoAmerica had for Camazotz they built their empires and erected temples which were magnificent and stillstand to this day to worship the blood sucking god.
That is why he deserves an appreciation.
He founded true culture.

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